Friday, November 14, 2014

African violet .Saintpaulia Ionantha Information

The Saintpaulia Ionantha is the original African violet from the Usambara Mountains in Africa from which all current varieties of African violets originate.
African Violets are tender, herbaceous flowering indoor perennials.  They have thick, fuzzy leaves, and when treated right they produce a mound of vibrantly colored flowers.

 African violet care is incredibly easy. African violets are easy-to-grow, rewarding houseplants.

It is among the most popular of house plants.African Violets are usually incompatible with other greenhouse crops because of their environmental requirements.

They bloom well with lower light than most other blooming plants.African violet flowers may be single, double, ruffled, or edged in an accent color.
African Violet flower development can be divided into 9 stages.One reason African Violets do well in most homes is because they are basically shade-adapted plants.
African Violets usually grow well at a 50% to 70% relative humidity.

African Violets thrive best when the soil is maintained uniformly moist, but not saturated for any length of time.

Scientific Name:Saintpaulia ionantha 

Common Name:African Violet
Height:Under 6 inches to 3 feet
Width:3 to 16 inches wide
Flower Color:Blue, Pink, Red, White

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