Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bird of paradise-Strelitzia Information

The Birds of Paradise is one of the most colorful flowers in the world.and also is a
beautiful plant and can be very successfully grown inside.

Plant bird-of-paradise in full sun or part shade and moist, well-drained soil.
The leaf blades are 6 inches wide and 18 inches long. The Birds of Paradise plant usually reaches a height of 4 feet. 

The Birds of Paradise foliage resembles small banana leaves with long petioles.The flower stalks are actually a combination of blue petals and orange petal-look leaves that emerge from a beaklike leaf structure.
Common name of this flower is bird-of-paradise flower, crane flower.and Scientific name is Strelitzia reginae.

Type:Houseplant, Perennial
Light:Bright light
Water:Keep soil continuously moist
Height:8 to 20 feet
Width:15 feet wide,depending on type
Soil:Rich, well-drained potting mix
Flower Color:White
Temperature:Above 60ºF is preferred in the winter.

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